Support & Projects – turn-key or with your team

Our Team Stands Out

We are a group of experienced engineers, techs, and managers that understand the industry and complete projects with our employees.

Unlike others in the industry, we are truly a one stop shop for our customers and we do not outsource. We provide fair pricing and our estimates are the cost, and not a bid with the lowest price only to “change-order-you” to death. For more info on money look at the checkstub system for your business.

Our Mission & Goals are yours

Our goals as a company are simple:

  • Our employees and project managers will deliver the solution
  • We have the knowledge and experience you need or we will tell you if we are not the best fit
  • We deliver and this is why we receive weekly referrals
  • Our team is always up to date on current tech and trends delivering options and flexibility to help you meet your desired outcome.
  • We EXCEL when we need to pivot, think on our feet, and troubleshoot.
    • We understand that projects change and are not always straightforward.

Support and Projects by Topic

  • Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Webex conference room setup
    • Hardware Sales
    • Installation Services
  • Microsoft Deployment and Management Services
    • Teams
    • M365 & O365
    • Intune
    • Azure
  • Network Design and Deployment Services
    • Cisco
    • Cisco Meraki
    • Ubiquiti
    • Sonicwall
  • Security, Access Control and Keyless Entry design and deployment
    • ButterflyMX
    • ProdataKey
    • Meraki and Ubiquiti Security Cameras
    • Digital Watchdog
    • NVR Based Camera Solutions
  • Audio Video Design and Implementation
    • Sonos
    • Video Wall
    • Single Room or Whole house A/V upgrade
  • Monthly Support and Help Desk
    • Onsite and Remote Support
    • Ticketing systems
    • Asset Mangement
    • Procurement
    • Network Monitoring and remediation
    • Communication via Phone, Email, Text and Portal
  • Other frequently requested projects
    • Ring and Nest
    • IoT
    • ISP ordering and implementation – COAX, Fiber, Microwave
    • VOIP solutions – Vonage, Ring Central, Zoom, LogmeIn, 8×8
    • Website management and design

We can assist as an extension of your team or we can take the project off your hands and deliver complete. We work well in many environments.

Cody Brock Case Study

The Story

Cody Brock was running their business on antiquated systems and tech procedures that inhibited employees to complete their tasks in a timely manner. Problems were met with new tech being thrown at old. This created more confusion and inefficiencies.

Something needed to be done to simplify and replace existing solutions.

As Cody Brock ventured out for technology help; interviewing many companies. During this process, we were introduced and invited in for an interview.

Our Solution

During the first meeting, we noticed three challenges needing immediate attention:

  • The network needed to be consolidated – one vendor and simplified
  • The 10+ year old servers would need to be upgraded or moved to a hosted or hybrid environment
  • There were many services and solutions that were being paid each month that were not needed
    • A full technology audit would need to be completed.

We offered to outline a proposal, at no cost, for review. The goal was to target the top three pain points. Ultimately, we decided to initially focus on two items –> infrastructure stability and cost savings.

After completing the network cleanup and upgrade using Cisco Meraki, and identifying thousands of dollars in unneeded expenditure, we were asked to stay on as Cody Brock’s technology support.

We developed a full plan to modernize the company over two years. In the middle of the timeline, COVID hit the world, and we were forced to pivot.

New requirements were presented.

The timeline was critical.

The roadmap we designed was modified and expedited. The work from home / remote and hosted portion of the plan was immediately implemented.

The Outcome

Major Milestone Accomplishments:

  • Full stack Cisco Meraki implementation
  • IT budget cost savings
  • Help Desk overhaul and procedures written
  • Mobile Networks – Cellular data enabled network in a box for job sites
  • Infrastructure modernization
  • Financial systems hosted in Azure
  • On-premise and cloud hybridization where required
  • Phone system conversion to Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Team as a full solution for end to end business productivity
  • Work from home enablement for all users

Currently, we are working with the principals’ to keep the technology budget in check, as well as, continuing to support the company’s technology needs.