Here at Your Technology Support we have been busier than ever! So why not make things insanely busy 🙂 Over the last six months we have been hard at work, during the off hours, creating our own products that will blow you away! With our technical knowledge of what’s available to consumers, and current market trends, we strongly

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Is your power button sticking? Maybe it’s not working? Have you had it replaced in the past? Apple FINALLY acknowledges that there has been, and currently IS, an issue that they need to correct. While recalls for Apple are extremely rare, the company has decided to issue a “iPhone 5 Sleep/Wake Button Replacement Program” to fix

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It was the year 1999 and the Y2K worry was in full effect. On January, 1st 2000 my computer is going to stop working! What am I going to do!? Well…. It didn’t stop working… and everything was fine. Maybe the retirement of Windows XP is not this worry some, but it should be a

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Password Safety!!! For the most part people don’t put a lot of thought into creating passwords. It’s usually easiest just to create a short, easy-to-remember password, or even just to have the same password for every account you have. However, hackers often use password-cracking software that can keep testing many different passwords until they find

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