New In 2015 | Online Support System | Announcements

We would like to thank all of you for a great 2014. We look forward to supporting you in 2015! It’s going to be an exciting year for Your Technology Support and our customers. Our Main goal in 2015 is to deliver faster support in a way that best suits your needs –> Onsite, Offsite, Project, Remote, Phone, Text, Email, Online Ticket System, Skype and we are happy to explore other options that work best for YOU!

Online Support System

We have been working hard to find ways to support you more efficiently. We want to keep your mind, and time, off your technology roadblocks and hiccups! We have created an online support system to make this possible.

Here is a quick break down of what the system offers:

  • Every time you have an issue or hiccup you can login to the support site and enter what is occurring at that moment. (Even from your phone or tablet) You can even enter a picture or attachment! Let us keep track of your technology issues… then… they will be waiting on our next visit! Think of the support system as your list of questions, concerns, and issues yet to be solved.
  • Own a Small Business? We can create an account for your business and you can give everyone access. Employee’s can just submit issues or problems to be addressed on our next visit. Take yourself out of the technology support loop and get back to your business.
  • Need support… maybe it’s not urgent? You can create a ticket and we can schedule a remote support session or onsite appointment when your tickets pile up. 

If you are interested in using our new Online Support System, please contact us and we will create your account in minutes. We can create an account for your family or office.

*Once your account is created we will send you an email with access instructions and your login info.

On The Fly Remote Support

Need us to login quickly and fix an issue? As of January 1st 2015 we can remotely login to your computer, and even your phone or tablet, while we are away from the office or a computer! If your issue needs immediate attention we can login and fix your issue in between appointments!


We have been holding of on an across the board rate increase for over a year.  Current operating increases in the SF Bay Area have forced our hand.

On January 19th 2015 onward all services will be billed at $150/hr.

We looked at the support industry and settled into a number that was fair and reasonable for Your Technology Support and it’s clients.

We will continue to offer Remote Support in 15 min increments (You need 15 min of support you pay for 15min of support – No Minimum) & Our Flat Fee Services for certain jobs and projects.


Looking forward to seeing all of you in 2015~!