We’re different. I know. You’ve heard it before, but we really are. After 15 years in technology we’ve watched a large group of customers being ignored or served poorly.

Are you one of these customers?

So why are you not being supported? Most support companies look to support larger companies because these clients bring in more revenue. So what happens to the home customers and smaller customers? Well… the smaller customers get forgotten and not supported. These large customers take priority.

Our business IS the smaller customer. We are not looking for the larger corporations nor will we ever be looking into supporting the larger corporations. When you work with us, you have your own technology support staff at your fingertips!

We have taken all our experience and built a company that genuinely wants to help you. We want you to be satisfied!

We have one rule: If we can’t fix it, or come up with a solution, you’re not paying.

In addition, we have a few other things we offer that allow us to stand apart: