I’m still on Windows XP! What’s going to happen after April 8th?

It was the year 1999 and the Y2K worry was in full effect. On January, 1st 2000 my computer is going to stop working! What am I going to do!?

Well…. It didn’t stop working… and everything was fine. Maybe the retirement of Windows XP is not this worry some, but it should be a concern for you if you still use Windows XP.

So what should you expect? Here’s what you need to know:

1) April 8th is the cutoff. It is not the end. Your system will continue to work. Updates will stop and you would be more prone to Viruses and Malware. Many third party security companies like Norton and AVG are not going to just stop protecting you. Essentially, you should be thinking of getting a new system in the next 6 months, but no need to panic and do it right now if you can not afford to.

2) Software may stop working over time. If there are updates to software you use they may not support XP anymore. So essentially the version of whatever software you are using TODAY may be the last version you can use. This could be an issue for updates to Firefox, Chrome, and other software. You may not even know what will be affected until it happens because any software that relies on Microsoft framework will definitely become an issue once it’s updated.

3) You don’t have to move to Windows 8! You can special order machines with windows 7 from major Manufactures like Dell and Lenovo. We have been getting people new machines for under $500. You can’t buy these in stores, but you can still order them and have the system in a few days. Under a tight budget? Let us find you a 1-2 year old machine for around $200!

On a final note, my biggest worry is security. There is no telling if some virus or infection will be released in the coming days that targets XP machines. All I can say is be safe, stay as updated as you can, backup, and install 3rd party protection like AVG or similar!

If you are a business that holds clients data, especially one in the medical field, you really need to do this ASAP. If you would like to know more please give us a call.

As always, we are happy to give you a few moments of our time FREE to discuss this if you have questions! 415.670.9769

***Did you know that Office 2003 is also ending support? This is much less of a worry for security, but you should be on a newer version of Office as well!