As businesses become more mobile, people work from home, and use their hand helds constantly, an IT professional that can integrate these technologies becomes essential. Firms can save costs by having a virtual environment which can be accessed from anywhere. Why pay an in house IT Director $150K+ when you can have the same knowledge without the overhead and benefits? Our services will cost you a fraction of their salary!

Our specialty is setting up virtual environments for email (including exchange), content sharing, phone systems, websites, data sync, and anything else you need to access from anywhere. We work with systems and solutions from many of the big names in this space including Google, Microsoft, Intermedia, Go Daddy, 1and1, and Mozy.

Many of our clients begin with hourly billing allowing us to get started immediately. Hourly billing works well for all of our services and it allows you to take advantage of our “one stop shop” structure. As an example, you may need a few hours of time in different areas. You may want your website updated, virus removal, and shopping assistance. By billing hourly we can handle all these requests and just invoice you once.

Many hourly clients that require daily or weekly assignments benefit by switching to monthly billing. Monthly billing allows us to determine work load and estimate pricing. In addition to a flat fee, clients choosing monthly billing save in other areas when other services are needed. As an example, if a monthly billing client requests help with a website update, they would receive a lower rate than an hourly client.

Projects are billed hourly, monthly, or as a flat rate. Projects are considered a one time assignment that has a clearly defined scope setting a start and end time with expected results. Some projects can continue on past the initial scope by adding monthly maintenance billing such as website support after creation.

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